Thursday, May 22, 2014

Where Does God Fit In?

"I wonder where God fits into all of this," a friend commented after my last post (thanks Emily!)

This question is one that I have pondered many times over the last few years, and is so important (as well as complex) that I decided to take another entire blog entry to answer it in depth.

For me, it's easy to see God working in my life when things seem to be going well and falling nicely into place, but much harder to recognize him in the midst of trials and pain.

When I was first diagnosed with Depression, I quickly began to ask God questions like "Why me? What in the world did I do to deserve this? Do You enjoy seeing me in pain, or what?" I wondered what He could possibly be thinking putting me in such a difficult situation. I wondered why He picked me of all the people I knew to live with this illness. Honestly, I was frustrated at God. Sometimes even angry. I was confused and afraid.

Over the next couple years, when times got really rough and the pit I was in seemed to be too deep to ever climb out of, I would ask the same questions. I would question God and His Wisdom and plan. I wondered what He was thinking and why He let me suffer so much. It was during these times that I felt the most alone, because I had a hard time leaning on even God for support.

However, as bad as these times were, I can never say I completely lost hope. There was always a knowledge in the back of my head that things would improve, and that all this was part of God's marvelous plan.

Well, that is, I never lost hope until one day. I had had a particularily difficult week, and things just seemed to be getting worse and worse. I was in a scary state mentally and again began to question God. However, this time, I realized that something was different. I remember writing in my journal "God, why me?...I can't live like this. It's been years, and for years I've had hope and faith that you're out there looking after me and out for me. But I don't know anymore. How can you possibly love me and put me through this?...Have you forgotten about me?" It was then that I realized that the hope and trust always present before (sometimes deep down) was missing. This time, I couldn't trust that God had a plan through everything, and I had no hope that things would ever get better.  I thought I was going to be stuck in that valley forever.

But even just after the moment that I wrote that entry, I knew I wouldn't just desert Him. I knew I wasn't just going to pack up and move on. I knew God would never not be a part of my life. I had a hard time praying, so I asked others to. I didn't know what to say or how to say it, so I listened to music that said what I wanted to say or told me what I needed to hear. Songs like Overcomer, Blessings, Gold, The Sun is Rising, Not for a Moment, and You're not Alone became iTunes Radio stations and were listened to frequently. I'm Catholic, and missing Mass, even in this dark place, was out of the question, so I picked myself up on Sunday and went.

Slowly, things started improving. I was able to once again see the good in each day. I was able to thank God for my blessings and ask him to help me in my struggles. A lot of prayers during this time went much like "God, thank You for getting me through today. Thank You for keeping me safe and healthy and for helping me through today's struggles. God, I don't know what Your plan is, but I know this is all part of something great that I cannot see. Help me to always trust in You."

I know that my Depression is all part of God's perfect plan. I know that there's a reason God placed this trial in my life, and I know He will help me overcome it. He will never give me more than I can handle, and struggles only make me stronger.

So yes. That's where God fits in. In every nook and cranny of any part of me that loses hope or faith,
He is there. Some days, (even when I couldn't see Him) He was carrying me along the path that is my life. A few days, He was my reason to live. Others, He was right next to me, guiding me through the struggles, showing me where to walk and what to avoid. And on better days, we hold hands and skip down the path together.

I could have never gotten through any of this without Him.

Yours Truthfully,


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

No More Secrets

A Secret: a. something not known or seen or not meant to be known or seen by others. b. Something kept from the knowledge of others or shared with just a few. Most of us have had at least a few secrets that we have kept from others. When we were younger it was as simple as our middle name, but quickly evolved to more important things...that surprise party for a friend, a crush, our grades, our weight, or that silly guilty pleasure we still enjoy. We have all probably kept quite a variety of secrets in our lives...whether our own or someone else's. In addition, while some of us are naturally more open to sharing our personal facts, joys, and experiences, others find comfort in the knowledge that those items are private information.

 That being said, sometimes keeping a secret can distance a person from his/her family or friends. Whether it's because (s)he feels guilty for being untruthful, isolated and misunderstood, separated from others, or trapped in the secret, sometimes keeping things from others can make a person feel worse than just letting the whole world know who we truly are, and what is really going on in our lives. And the longer we keep something hidden away in our hearts, the more it eats away at our souls.

 So, with that, I think it's about time I share one of my secrets. This is something I've kept from most people for quite a while, but am now ready to expose to the world. It's a part of me, and after hiding it for years, and experiencing the isolation that I just mentioned, I decided I'm ready for the world to know what Allie Callahan is really, truly going through. In January of 2011, my 10th grade year, I found myself sitting in a plain doctor's office with my mom. Scared and confused, I looked at the woman sitting in front of me and she spoke these simple but life-changing words: "Allie. You have Depression and Anxiety."

 How could things have come to this place so fast? How could I have been a happy-go-lucky carefree young high-schooler last month, and now be in this place? Over the past month, my health had been on the decline. I was really tired, but, more importantly, felt "off" emotionally. I would become offended at the tiniest criticism, cry at the smallest thing, until eventually I was bursting into tears, rocking back and forth on the floor for almost no reason at all. That's when my mom decided something was definitely wrong and that's how I ended up in that office. The next two years (and the last two of high-school) were filled with visits to several counselors and psychiatrists and more medications than I can list. It was a roller coaster. Some days or weeks were fine, while others consisted mainly of laying in bed without the motivation to roll over, stand up, and face the day.

 Fast forward to winter 2013-14. Things got much worse. Issues and stresses during my first semester of college launched me down into another of life's valleys. I made it through the last week of school, and coming home was a huge relief. But the next month didn't get much better, and I soon began to wonder how in the world I was going to be able to be safe and functioning at college by the end of January. Well, mid-January came along, and I had to make the very difficult to decision to take the spring semester off. However, there was no way I was going to be able to proclaim that to the world. Not without awkwardly hiding the reality behind it or (even more frightening) telling people the truth. So I hid it. And if you're a close friend of mine reading this now, and you didn't know that I wasn't at school or the real reason behind it, please don't feel bad. You are in the same boat as 90 percent of people who know me. Remember. This was my secret.

 So anyway, that leads me to today. For the past 5 months I have been at home nannying for 3 families, working as a princess at Tiny Diva Princess Parties, and being a talent represented by an agency. Depression might have taken away my second semester of school, but it has not stopped me from living a full life. Some weeks are ok, others harder, and others excruciatingly difficult. But like I said, life's a roller coaster. And so is Depression.

So, that's my story. My secret. I'm sorry I've hid it from you for so many years, but that's over now.
And we're going to start again.

 Hi. My name is Allie Callahan. I am 19 years old. I am fun-loving and creative. I love singing and acting, laughing, shopping, and beaches. My passion is kids and I cannot wait to become a teacher. My family is my world. And I struggle daily with Depression.

 So if you (or someone you know) deals with Depression, too, you are not alone. Not even close. We don't know how common Depression is in our world because we don't talk about it. Those who struggle with it, like me, tend to keep it a secret. Why? Who knows. Maybe it's the stigma that people who are depressed are weak, and should just snap out of it. Maybe it's the awkwardness of telling someone you're struggling with Depression. The responses vary from shock to concern, fear to worry, and avoidance to full on Depression-focused discussions. It can get awkward. But you know what's even worse? Letting that stop you from showing the world, especially those close to you, who you really are and what you're going through. So if you struggle with mental illness, I encourage you, if you haven't already, to get it out. While it's ok to let your private life be private, it's also good to be honest and open. And there are people out there who are willing to help.

 If you don't believe it. Look again. First off, there's me. I have gone through the very same illness you have gone through. And though it works in each of us in different ways, it's very much the same. As cancer patients support each other, so too must we. So if you need to start somewhere, I am completely and totally open to hearing your story. In fact, you've just made it through mine, so I better return the favor (;)). If not me, start with someone else close to you. Be real. You'll feel much better when you know you're not keeping your secret from everyone.

 Thanks for reading. And remember that no matter who you are or what you are going through, you are loved and cared for. You are important. And there is nothing you cannot get through with Him. You may stumble and fall, but you will always get back up. You have a life with a purpose. And no matter how low you may feel somedays, it's always darkest before the dawn. Rainbows only appear after a little rain.

 Yours Truthfully,